Planning Your Future

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The Arc Greater Twin Cities has many different options to help you plan for your loved one’s future.  All of our options use a person-centered approach.


“Person Centered Planning discovers and acts on what is important to a person. It is a process for continual listening and learning, focusing on what is important to someone now and in the future, and acting on this in alliance with their family and their friends.”

– Thompson, Kilbane, & Sanderson


FutureLife Options™ (Formerly the Lifetime Assistance Program)


FutureLife OptionsFamilies of people with disabilities often ask themselves, “What will happen to my loved one when I’m no longer here?” They want the future to be secure and happy, but they may not know exactly what that future looks like or how to reach it. FutureLife Options starts by asking what a good life would be for the person with a disability, then focuses on how to make it happen.

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Transition Vision Project


TVPThe Transition Vision Project is about dreaming AND doing. It starts by helping students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families paint a picture of the future they want. Then it helps them create a step-by-step plan for reaching that future, starting with actions that can go to work immediately in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). Click Here



Person-Centered Plans


Ron-WilliamsSometimes you want a plan for a specific purpose. Our general Person-Centered Planning utilizes a variety of person-centered planning approaches. In particular, we use a hybrid approach of Personal Futures Planning and Essential Lifestyle Planning. This approach covers all areas of life for the individual as well as meets the requirements of the Jensen settlement, as well as the intentions of the Olmstead plan.  Click Here



Transition to Adulthood: A Future Planning Workbook


If you have a child with an intellectual or developmental disability who is making the transition from school to adult life, you have a lot to consider — government benefits like Social Security and Medicaid, legal issues like guardianship, and life issues like employment and housing.  Transition to Adulthood: A Future Planning Workbook is a guide that helps families make decisions and track documents as they work through transition issues.  It’s designed as a self-help tool, although personal assistance is available if needed. 


Tyze: Personal Networks


Tyze is an online tool that brings people together around an individual, creating a community of support. Tyze is a simple way to get organized and keep everyone informed.


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For more information,  please submit your question to Ask an Advocate or call The Arc Greater Twin Cities at 952-920-0855.